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Utilities to install and troubleshoot loopback-connector-oracle module.


lb oracle [options]


Install loopback-connector-oracle module
Install oracledb module.
Print verbose information

Standard options

-h, --help
Print the generator’s options and usage.
Do not remember prompt answers. Default is false.
Do not automatically install dependencies. Default is false.

Interactive Prompts

The tool determines if the Oracle Instant Client is installed and then checks if the loopback-connector-oracle module can be loaded. The loopback-connector-oracle module depends on the Oracle Node.js Driver oracledb, which is a binary addon. The oracledb module requires Oracle Instant Client at both build and run time. See Installation Guide for oracledb for more information.

If loopback-connector-oracle is ready to use, the tool will print Oracle connector is ready and exit. Otherwise, it will prompt you to install:

  • Oracle Instant Client
  • loopback-connector-oracle
  • oracledb module