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A skip filter omits the specified number of returned records. This is useful, for example, to paginate responses.

Use offset as an alias for skip.



You can also use stringified JSON format in a REST query.


{skip: n}

Where n is the number of records to skip.


This REST request skips the first 50 records returned:


The equivalent query using the Node API:

Cars.find( {skip: 50},  function() { /* ... */ } )

Pagination example

The following REST requests illustrate how to paginate a query result. Each request request returns ten records: the first returns the first ten, the second returns the 11th through the 20th, and so on…


Using the Node API:

Cars.find({limit: 10, skip: 0},  function() { /* ... */ });
Cars.find({limit: 10, skip: 10}, function() { /* ... */ });
Cars.find({limit: 10, skip: 20}, function() { /* ... */ });