Example of creating a LoopBack client using the Xamarin SDK.
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LoopBack Xamarin SDK example application

This repository contains a mobile app that demonstrates the Loopback Xamarin SDK. It contains:

  • Server directory: Loopback server application.
  • Client directory: The ToDo client app, created in Xamarin Studio with Xamarin Forms for iOS.



$ git clone https://github.com/strongloop/loopback-example-xamarin.git

Run the server app

You can either run the LoopBack server app yourself, or connect to the demo app running at http://xamarindemo.strongloop.com.

Run your own server app

  1. Go to server folder: $ cd server
  2. Install dependencies: $ npm install
  3. Run the application: $ node .

Use StrongLoop’s server app

Alternatively, you can run the Xamarin client app against http://xamarindemo.strongloop.com.

Edit LBXamarinSDK.cs and change BASE_URL to http://xamarindemo.strongloop.com/api.

Run the client app

Open the client app solution with Xamarin Studio: loopback-example-xamarin/Client/Todo App/TodoApp.sln.

In Xamarin Studio, build and run the app:

Xamarin demo - build app

The iOS Simulator will appear running the client app. It may take a moment or two.

Xamarin demo app login

In the iOS Simulator:

  1. The first time you run the app, click Sign Up:
    • Enter an email address and password (they are not validated).
    • Click Sign Up
    • If you already signed up in this session, click Login with the credentials you entered previously.
  2. You’ll see the app home page:
    Xamarin demo app home page
  3. Enter a “To Do” item:
    Xamarin demo - adding a To Do item
    • Click +
    • Click **Add a task + **
    • Enter a description of the task in the top (red) text field
    • Change the date, time, category and mark as a favorite if you wish.
    • Click Create to add the item.

You’ll see the item appear in the “To Do” list. Xamarin demo app - To Do item added

You can confirm that the data is also added to the LoopBack model using LoopBack API Explorer.

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