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Angular 2 SDK The loopback-sdk-builder module enables you to create an Angular 2 client SDK for a LoopBack application. It is a community module forked from the official loopback-sdk-angular and refactored to support Angular 2. Note: This module is provided and supported by the...
Angular example app A brief tutorial on creating an Angular client app using the Loopback AngularJS SDK.
AngularJS LiveSet Example Example of realtime AngularJS app using HTML5 server-sent events.
Angular Live Set Angular live set is an AngularJS module to display changes as they are made to a collection of objects.
AngularJS Grunt plugin See also: loopback-example-angular Angular SDK built-in models API Overview If you prefer, you can use a Grunt plugin to auto-generate Angular $resource services instead of the LoopBack Angular tool, lb-ng. You can then use to generate client API docs. Installation
AngularJS JavaScript SDK The LoopBack AngularJS SDK provides tools to create a client-side representation of your LoopBack models so you can access them directly from client AngularJ...
Create AngularJS client The LoopBack AngularJS SDK enables you to easily create a client JavaScript API to consume your LoopBack REST API.