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To generate API documentation for the Angular services, enter this command:

$ lb-ng-doc js/lb-services.js

The auto-generated source includes ngdoc directives describing all API methods. The comments include as much information from the model definition as possible. For example, the description property is copied to the comment, the accepts property is converted to a list of input parameters.

Use your favourite ngdoc tool to view this documentation; for example, docular.


See the loopback-example-angular  for a complete application with a LoopBack server application and an AngularJS client app.

Add the following Gruntfile in the application root directory:

module.exports = function(grunt) {
    loopback_sdk_angular: {
      services: {
        options: {
          input: 'server/server.js',
          output: 'client/js/lb-services.js'
    docular: {
      groups: [{
        groupTitle: 'LoopBack',
        groupId: 'loopback',
        sections: [{
          id: 'lbServices',
          title: 'LoopBack Services',
          scripts: ['client/js/lb-services.js']

  // Load the plugin that provides the "loopback-sdk-angular" and "grunt-docular" tasks.
  // Default task(s).
  grunt.registerTask('default', ['loopback_sdk_angular', 'docular']);

Run the gruntfile as follows:

$ cd <app-dir>
$ grunt
Running "loopback_sdk_angular:services" (loopback_sdk_angular) task

This generates the file client/js/lb-services.js. Now, run the application:

$ node .