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BindingFilter type

A function that filters bindings. It returns true to select a given binding.


export declare type BindingFilter<ValueType = unknown> = (binding: Readonly<Binding<unknown>>) => boolean;


TODO(semver-major): We might change this type in the future to either remove the <ValueType> or make it as type guard by asserting the matched binding to be typed with <ValueType>.

**NOTE**: Originally, we allow filters to be tied with a single value type. This actually does not make much sense - the filter function is typically invoked on all bindings to find those ones matching the given criteria. Filters must be prepared to handle bindings of any value type. We learned about this problem after enabling TypeScript’s strictFunctionTypes check, but decided to preserve ValueType argument for backwards compatibility. The <ValueType> represents the value type for matched bindings but it’s not used for checking.

Ideally, BindingFilter should be declared as a type guard as follows:

export type BindingFilterGuard<ValueType = unknown> = (
  binding: Readonly<Binding<unknown>>,
) => binding is Readonly<Binding<ValueType>>;

But TypeScript treats the following types as incompatible and does not accept type 1 for type 2.

  1. (binding: Readonly<Binding<unknown>>) => boolean 2. (binding: Readonly<Binding<unknown>>) => binding is Readonly<Binding<ValueType>>