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ContextSubscriptionManager class

Manager for context observer subscriptions


export declare class ContextSubscriptionManager extends EventEmitter 

Extends: EventEmitter


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(context)   Constructs a new instance of the ContextSubscriptionManager class


Property Modifiers Type Description
_observers protected Set<ContextEventObserver> | undefined A list of registered context observers. The Set will be created when the first observer is added.
_parentContextEventListener? protected ContextEventListener (Optional) A listener to watch parent context events
context <p>protected</p><p>readonly</p> Context  


Method Modifiers Description
close()   Close the context: clear observers, stop notifications, and remove event listeners from its parent context.
isSubscribed(observer)   Check if an observer is subscribed to this context
notifyObservers(event, observers) protected Publish an event to the registered observers. Please note the notification is queued and performed asynchronously so that we allow fluent APIs such as ctx.bind('key').to(...).tag(...); and give observers the fully populated binding.
subscribe(observer)   Add a context event observer to the context
unsubscribe(observer)   Remove the context event observer from the context
waitUntilPendingNotificationsDone(timeout)   <p>Wait until observers are notified for all of currently pending notification events.</p><p>This method is for test only to perform assertions after observers are notified for relevant events.</p>