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GenericInterceptorChain class

A chain of generic interceptors to be invoked for the given context


export declare class GenericInterceptorChain<C extends Context = Context> 


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(context, interceptors)   Create an invocation chain with a list of interceptor functions or binding keys
(constructor)(context, filter, comparator)   Create an invocation interceptor chain with a binding filter and comparator. The interceptors are discovered from the context using the binding filter and sorted by the comparator (if provided).


Property Modifiers Type Description
getInterceptors protected () => GenericInterceptorOrKey<C>[] A getter for an array of interceptor functions or binding keys


Method Modifiers Description
asInterceptor()   Use the interceptor chain as an interceptor
invokeInterceptors(finalHandler)   Invoke the interceptor chain