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NamespacedReflect class


export declare class NamespacedReflect 


Constructor Modifiers Description
(constructor)(namespace)   Constructs a new instance of the NamespacedReflect class


Method Modifiers Description
decorate(decorators, target, targetKey, descriptor)    
decorate(decorators, target)    
defineMetadata(metadataKey, metadataValue, target, propertyKey)   define metadata for a target class or it’s property/method
deleteMetadata(metadataKey, target, propertyKey)    
getMetadata(metadataKey, target, propertyKey)   lookup metadata from a target object and its prototype chain
getMetadataKeys(target, propertyKey)    
getOwnMetadata(metadataKey, target, propertyKey)   get own metadata for a target object or it’s property/method
getOwnMetadataKeys(target, propertyKey)    
hasMetadata(metadataKey, target, propertyKey)   Check if the target has corresponding metadata
hasOwnMetadata(metadataKey, target, propertyKey)    
metadata(metadataKey, metadataValue)