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CrudFeatures interface

List of flags describing behavior specific to different connectors and repository implementations. These flags are used by the test suite to tweak assertions and skip tests for scenarios not supported by some implementations.


export interface CrudFeatures 


Property Type Description
emptyValue undefined | null The value used by the database to store properties set to undefined. Typically, SQL databases store both undefined and null as null.Default: undefined
freeFormProperties boolean Does the database (or the connector) require a fixed schema, or can it support additional (free-form) properties? SQL databases typically don’t support free-form properties.Default: true
hasRevisionToken boolean Does the connector have the revision token for replacement operations? (Cloudant)Default: false
idType ‘string’ | ‘number’ What type is used for auto-generated primary keys? - SQL databases typically use auto-incremented numbers, - NoSQL databases tend to use GUID/UUID strings.Default: 'string'.
supportsInclusionResolvers boolean Does the repository provide inclusionResolvers object where resolvers can be registered?Default: true
supportsTransactions boolean Does the connector support using transactions for performing CRUD operations atomically and being able to commit or rollback the changes? SQL databases usually support transactionsDefault: false