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OpenApiSpecOptions interface

Options to customize how OpenAPI specs are served


export interface OpenApiSpecOptions 


Property Modifiers Type Description
consolidate?   boolean (Optional) Set this flag to false to disable OAS schema consolidation. If not set, the value defaults to true.
disabled?   true (Optional) Set this flag to disable the endpoint for OpenAPI spec
endpointMapping?   { [key: string]: OpenApiSpecForm; } (Optional) Mapping of urls to spec forms, by default:
‘/openapi.json’: {version: ‘3.0.0’, format: ‘json’},
‘/openapi.yaml’: {version: ‘3.0.0’, format: ‘yaml’},
servers?   ServerObject[] (Optional) Configure servers for OpenAPI spec
setServersFromRequest?   boolean (Optional) A flag to force servers to be set from the http request for the OpenAPI spec